[Hundreds of moments say a hundred years] 1933, incense to the enemy in-depth "encirclement"

  The stubborn existence and rapid development of the Red Army and the Base, surprised the Kuomintang rule group. Chiang Kai-shek has launched a large-scale "encirclement" to all the sites and the Red Army. The focus of the Kuomintang army "encirclement and suppression" is the Red Yeng, the central revolutionary base and Mao Zedong, and Zhu De led Red one. Since October 1930, Chiang Kai-shek has launched more than 100,000 people and launched the first "encirclement" on the central revolutionary basis.

More than 40,000 red one army, taking the "dangers of the enemy", and successfully break the first "encirclement" of the Kuomintang army. The Central Revolutionary According to the first anti-"encirclement and supplement" schematic Xinhua News Agency The red one army still adheres to the "entry into the enemy in-depth", from May 16 to 31, 1931, even 5 winning gangs, sweeping 700, a total of more than 30,000 people, breaking the second time of the Kuomintang army The encirclement and suppression further expanded the central revolutionary base. In June, Chiang Kai-shek delivered a "encirclement and suppression" army commander, transferring 300,000 people, launching the third "encirclement).

Red one side army lasted for 3 months, and more than 30,000 enemies were killed, and smash the Third "Encirclement" of the Kuomintang army. Since then, Sannan, the two according to the parties in Western Western, expanded to the vast territory of more than 20 counties.

At this time, the anti-"encirclement" struggle in other bases has also been victorious.

The Red Army in the "encirclement and suppression" was in the anti-"encirclement" struggle in the market, formed a strong force to destroy the enemy; concentrated the strength, all the enemies; "Being wins, playing, do not win," The strategic tactical thoughts such as enemy weakness and fast-moving speed is found.

  In January 1931, under the direct intervention of Minudong Bureau of the Communist International Executive Committee, the Sixth Plenary Session of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Party was held in Shanghai.

Wang Ming, lack of actual struggle, is not only replenished as a central committee, but also became a member of the Central Political Bureau, and Wang Ming is a "left" tippoaler incorrection, which started up to 4 years in the party’s leadership.

The third anti-"encirclement and suppression" victory in the central Soviet area, the central Red Army wrote the "Bao Hao, ATANT" written by the Central Red Army, and the end of the 1932, Chiang Kai-shek contacted more than 30 divisions, and launched the fourth time to the Central Revolutionary Base. "Encirclement". At this time, under the assignment of the dogmatic mistake, Mao Zedong’s correct claims were accused, and his leadership position in the Red Army was misunderstood.

Zhou Enlai, Zhu De used and developed the successful experience of "encircling" in the past, from the actual departure, did not mechanically implement the wrong instructions in the Soviet Union, broke the "encirclement and suppression" of the Kuomintang army, created the exemplary of the Martial Mission in the History of the Red Army. Total plan: Zhou Hongjun supervision system: Zhu Yonglei An Zaixiang planning: 子 王王 文 文 案: 王莹 王 设计: 王 莹 设计: Fan Shan Shanyuanyuan Reference: "The History of the Communist Party of China" "The History of the Communist Party of China" : Xinhua News Agency Xinhua News Center produced [more reading].