Yuncheng Hejin takes "456" to continue to optimize business environment

  Since 2021, Yuncheng Hejin City has been "456" (four-zero service, the five-generation, the six-free service) as a starting point, real foundation, innovation highlights, and fully optimizes the business environment, and runs the service "acceleration".

  Free service window.

  Through the construction of the municipal government center, the township convenience service center, the township supervision office, the village-level convenience service point, the bank outlet "five integration", and realizes the service "zero distance"; provide free business and the masses Copy, free engraving, free mail, free legal consultation, free agent service, free real estate fire certification, etc. "six-free service", to achieve "zero charge"; carry out "5 + 2, 7 × 24 do not fight" government service, launch Pension insurance door-to-door certification service, to serve "zero delay"; carry out business, etiquette training, open red monopoly window, actively respond to the demands of the masses, and strive to achieve "zero complaint". At the same time, Hejin actively launched the "full-time period, whole process, all standard, full praise, all-income" model, and set up a total generation area in the government hall, forming a team of team, and will be "小代 帮"Upgrade to" Xiao Xiao Second Generation Office ", providing enterprises with" one-on-one "full-chain" babysitter "service.

At present, Hejin has a total of 40,192 market entities, and more than 100 enterprises above.