The folk river Chang Suncaiyun: Beautiful Sha Yuhe, let’s guard

In July 2019, Zhoukou City River Long System and Sichuanhui District, issued a private river for the 24th river volunteers, and Sun Caiyun ranked, she was also rated as the top ten folk river in the province.

In December 2019, they launched the "Guardian Mother River Environmentally Friendly Volunteer", and was also rated as an excellent public welfare project by the Henan Provincial Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee.

They also built a fishman "guarding the mother’s environmental protection group" WeChat group, with nearly 400 people, and the protection river became the conscious behavior of fishing lovers.

"In July, I have experienced a big flood disaster. After the disaster, the river beach has destroyed. We bought a moon in February in October. At present, there is a tender bud, and the spring is blooming, will become a beautiful landscape. .

"Sun Caiyun said," The party committee is well systemated, and our folk river is also responsible, dare to fight against the bad habit of destroying the river, must protect the mother river ecological environment, have been doing it. "The river of the folk river is enthusiastic, from Zhoukou City in recent years" Water City "positioning. A few years ago, Zhoukou City proposed" Water Run City, with green city, with cultural city, in the city, to promote City "development ideas, demanding a number of rivers in the central city through the unique advantage, focusing on the development of" Man City Culture and Semi-city Water, Inline ", improving urban function, enhancing urban grade, enhancing urban flood control, anti-flood protection .

Nowadays, a new Yidong "Water City" is now in front of the world. "Next, we will continue to resolutely implement the long system of the river, actively play the activities of the folk river, and organically combine with the rivers and lakes, the comprehensive management of the urban water system, and strive to make the sand of the Shay River more beautiful!" Zhoukou The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Water Conservancy is a good job of Sun Caiyun and is full of confidence in the future.

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