Witnesser · Ninth | Shangyi: Seventy-year-old tillage is constantly a lifetime brush

"Reform and opening up to China’s oil painting add new vitality" People’s Network: Your work "Tajik Bride" is called the "new classic" of the "new classic", the first combination of traditional Chinese aesthetics with European classical oil paintings, at the time Why do you take such a creative method? Yan Shangyi: "Tajik Bride" is my work in 1983.

Before I went to Europe in 1979, I think my own oil painting foundation is OK, but I have seen a lot from classical to modern ancestors in Europe that year, I feel that my own oil painting works and I feel that my level is far away. not enough.

The theme and content of unrelated works is that the problem of modeling in the basic issue has not been resolved. Many people in China believe that this problem has been solved, so I think I have painted very well, I am one of them, if I don’t look at the Western original There is no way to find out that this problem is still existed.

Previously, our oil painting creation was used in modern, free-handed techniques, and the treatment of the edge line was more imaginary. Such treatment methods caused the volume transfer insufficient, and the thickness was not enough. In 1980, I was in the United States, trying to use classical forms, I do it thoroughly, and the side line is clearly turned, so that the thickness of the work is strengthened, so that the picture has changed very much. After returning to China, I used this way to draw some human portraits, including "Tajik Bride", and our faculty has seen it, thinking that my style change.

At that time the tracheots and theoretically thought that China had new classicism.

In fact, I didn’t deliberately pursue anything, just improved the level through research base issues, just this. People’s Network: This period of Europe is inspired by your artistic creation. Yan Shangyi: When I study in Europe, I look at the original work of oil painting, which is very important. It is not a hand to see if it is, it is constantly looking at it. Don’t look at the original, the light-bored painting is not good.

Oil painting is the Western model, and our country has no oil painting tradition, which has a chance to contact the original. Through continuous observation of the high level of master, the painter can distinguish the level of works in the mind. After you look more, make yourself familiar with the standard of oil painting, familiar with it, and you will be able to draw it.

If you want to solve the basic problem, style problem, starting at first, I think this problem has been solved, but I have seen it in Europe, I have seen it far away, and my own level is still to be improved.