The fourth year of entering the Expo is successful, DuPont is happy

Mr. Li Shou Sheng and the President of "Sustainable Development Economic Impulse" and edited by Mr. Zhihong attended the conference and did an important speech. The two guests have effectively affirmed the solid pace of DuPont China, and I hope that DuPont will further lead the role in the future, and jointly promote human sustainable development. Li Shou Sheng, the process of DuPont and the latest product Liveo silicone is used in the system (SUS) in the system (SUS) in the system (SUS) in the system (SUS) in the system (SUS) in the system (SUS) in the system (SUS) in the system (SUS) organic silicone or thermoplastic elastic poor pipeline, help customers realize biological products such as vaccines, innovative drugs Safety, economical, effective production. DuPont also exhibited Tyvek to the protection plan for vaccine production.

DuPont’s new generation of TEDLAR high-energy transparent protective film TAP15BM3 is also the world’s initiative, which is widely used in construction film structures, metal curtain walls, roofs and advertising marks, providing long-lasting new protection for outdoor applications.

In addition, the site also demonstrates how advanced materials promote artificial intelligence, 5G, automatic driving vehicles and other fields. Perseverance Mars detectors use Kapton polyimide film and Pyralux soft plate materials to help resist bad high temperature environments to ensure the normal development of Mars detection work.

The exhibition area shows the product Liveo protocol of DuPont and customers; signing the cooperation development memorandum of cooperation with the mainland Group Canttek; Signing a Memorandum and Strategic Procurement Agreement with Tianjin Huanyu Xinda; Signing Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Shandong Xu Rui Xin Ma Hold the preheating ceremony of DuPont flexo opening the soft packaging prize prize. Commercial commitment, DuPont is located in the Yangzijiang International Chemical Industrial Park in Zhangjang, Jiangsu Province, has officially broken the ground on November 10. Dr. Zhang Yi, President of DuPont, DuPont Transportation and Materials Division, Global Vice President and Ms. Wu Tong, President of Asia Pacific, and Mr. Zhangjiagang Municipal Party Committee, Mr. Cai Jianfeng, and related representatives were invited to attend the groundbreaking ceremony.

The base will produce adhesive products for automotive industry customers to meet the needs of automated automotive adhesives under the two major trends. The factory is expected to be put into production in early 2023. Mr. Cai Jianfeng and the relevant representatives of the two parties were invited to attend the foundation of the foundation, and also the preferred station of DuPont, enterprises, people, and public display innovation solutions and new technologies. Dr. Zhang Yi, President of DuPont, said that this session of the Expo DuPont is fruitful. In the future, we will continue to use innovative technology to empower sustainable action concept, win more partners, provide innovative products and solutions to customers, create Great value, building safer, smarter, and more sustainable future.