Water water high mountain moisten people heart

Our reporter Wei Jichuan Jianxin Plant area, put the water "of the water" to the mountains; build a small reservoir, water storage and irrigation farmland, and protect the people with water.

Since the beginning of last year, the Yaogui Cooperation Working Group, which is located in Dalytifan District, Shenzhen, China, has improved the water supply situation of the people in the district.

Recently, the main leaders of the party committee of the autonomous region, the leaders of the Ministry of Water Conservancy, experts to the on-site investigation, gave high evaluation of Yuegui’s collaboration to implement the seven hundred and drought-resistant emergency water supply projects. The seven hundred governments are the highest level of Dashi Mountain, which is a typical karst landform of the world. It has been plaguing the local government in the world. In recent years, the county has invested more than 300 million yuan (including Guangdong Gui poverty alleviation collaboration funds 24.74 million yuan), built 716 centralized water supply points, Wanfu family watercase, basically solved the local people’s drinking water safety problem in the rainy season .

But the drought season, the shortage of water is still existent extent. "Be sure to let Alpine people get rid of water." The head of the project construction party introduced that in April 2020, the seven hundred drought-resistant emergency water supply projects of Wanyuan by Yuegui Collaboration were officially started.

10 months of intensive drums, the first phase of the project in February this year and passed the acceptance. Newly built-in plant, built-in three major pool water purification technology, newly built 200 cubic meters adjustment pools, two of 300 cubic meters and 200 cubic meters high pool, pressurized pump room and pipe pressurized pump each, also set up 85 km of water supply pipe network, from the Hongshuihe River, the water point water point water supply to the alpine area of ??800-1000 meters above sea level, so that the urchin, got, Guzhu, Gosheng, Liangjing, etc. And Yusu Village in Yarong Towns uses a clean tap water.

The person in charge of the Yuegui Cooperation Working Group told reporters that in order to ensure the progress, the Working Group tried to avoid road construction, increase the construction work surface and transport mechanical equipment.

The water conservancy department is bold during the construction process, and the technical problems are solved by continuously watering the water, water supply and water reduction, etc., ensuring water to each pool and reach the water pressure condition of the household.

The seven hundred peaks have funnel eyes, and rain is unable to form a stable runoff river channel.

In order to find the water source, the Working Group will penetrate the water conservancy expert, the local people, and in-depth various venue exploration surveys, and finally discovered that there is a total of 24 cubic meters of 24 cubic meters per hour in the south of the seven hundred people. A long flow is called Wang Lie River.

"Let’s take advantage of this long-range water, put water, solve the lack of problem in local water sources.

"Working Group is fully demonstrated to determine the construction of Wang Lie Reservoir. In April 2020, Yuegui Collaboration funds were investing in 10,000 yuan to build Wang Lie Reservoir. This is a cubic meters small type II reservoir, dam is a concrete gravity dam, dam length 94 meters long The largest dam high meter, controlling the rainfall area square kilometers, normal water storage level 415 meters, total storage 10,000 cubic meters.

The building of the reservoir engineering hub is mainly composed of dam, overflow dam sections, water transport facilities, flood control roads, management rooms. The prevention problem in the construction of the Wang Lie reservoir. As the needs of the needs, this is rare in seven hundred nations in the land. The Working Group will follow the local government and water conservancy department, go to the mountains and the mountains, and finally win the understanding and support of the masses; in order to solve the problem of large-scale machinery in the mountains, the construction has adopted Tsinghua University obtained by domestic patents. Water Conservancy Series "Stone Concrete Technology", delivers concrete to the distants and heights of the Dam to ensure that the filling of the stones is firm; the engineering team also solves the rock formation in a very short time. Construction of the resilience to solve the problem of flooding flood foundation.

In the construction of the Wang Lie Reservoir, the Yuegui Cooperation Working Group and the Water Conservancy Department fully considers the regulatory water problem, set a spare pipe room in the reservoir area, connecting the seven hundred drought-resistant emergency water supply pipeline, in the annual drought year or water source When the water is insufficient, the reservoir is used as a spare source, and the reservoir is used as a large-scale regulatory pool of the pipe network project, and the lack of water resources is solved.

This project has been included in the third phase of the project plan.

On November 10, 2021, the engineering completion acceptance will be carried out at the end of December. "This reservoir can irrigated area of ??2500 mu, 8,492 water supply population, and the local people are looking forward to.

"One person in charge of the county water conservancy department said. The construction of Wang Lie Reservoir and Drought Emergency Water Supply Project is not only improving the status of local production irrigation and residents, but also conducive to the development of tourism. Reporters pay attention to, Wang Lie Reservoir Located in the southwest of the national geological park, after the construction of the reservoir, the water area can be increased, improve the local small climate, promote the development of the green ecological industry, will also increase the water landscape in the geological park and promote the development of geological park.