The second needle is larger than the first needle side effects? You should know these knowledge

  Recently, the second dose of new crown inactivated vaccine is ushered in more. With the increase of vaccination, there is more and more questions about the second needle of the vaccine.

  I have already vaccinated a new crown to exact vaccine, what will I do if I don’t fight the second needle? From the perspective of individual protection effect, the new crown immunization vaccination is superior to the inoculation. Only the whole process is completed, the human body can produce a good immune effect.

  What should I do if the second needle exceeds the specified time? Current evidence shows that the delay in vaccination will generally do not affect the immune effect. If the two-needle vaccination is not completed in the specified immunization program, it should be kept as soon as possible without restarting, and the second needle can be completed.

That is, if you play the first needle new crown, it is not possible to play the second needle on time, just need to play the second needle as soon as possible. Do the second needle must inoculate in the original inoculation unit? In principle, the second needle is inoculated in the original inoculation unit, such as the special case of work, tourism, etc., cannot inoculate in the original inoculation unit, or in other inoculation units, but need to bring the first needle vaccination certificate.

  Will the second needle be larger than the first side effect? Many people in daily life, there will be some discomfort after vaccination.

The same is true after vaccination, and the specific adverse reactions and adverse extent are still vary from person to person. Side effects of new crown vaccination are different from person to person, and some people will feel more than the side effects of the first needle, and some people have no obvious side effects, so they are still related to individual physical fitness. If there is a bad If the reaction is serious, go to the hospital in time if it is just a slight, it will subscribe itself.

  The stronger the inoculation reaction, the better the immune effect? The vaccination reaction is not equivalent to the immune effect. It can be understood that everyone hopes that the new crown vaccination can obtain the optimal anti-crown virus immune effect, and emphasizes that the inoculum should be separated from this point. At present, there is a low reaction rate of new crown vaccination, and the occurrence of adverse reactions is still based on local reactions. What is a heart due to sex? Heart due to the vaccination after vaccination, due to the reaction of the psychological factors of the vaccination, is mainly caused by psychological pressure, anxiety, etc., unparalleled damage, and the characteristics of the vaccine itself. Some are "halo" performance, and some are "symptoms".

Groups can appear due to group heart due to group vaccination activities.

  What is the coupling reaction? The coupling (coupling reaction) refers to the vaccination process, and the subject is at the latency of a disease or the pre-occurrence of the disease.

Therefore, the coupling (coupling reaction) is not caused by vaccination, regardless of the vaccine, nor is the adverse reaction after vaccination. The coupling after vaccination is sometimes unable to make judgments immediately, and the report also needs to verify or investigate in the report. What are the main reactions of new crown virus vaccination? From the results of clinical trials of new crown virus vaccine, during the emergency use and the list of large-scale people after listed, the new crown virus vaccine has good safety. The general reaction in the adverse reaction of the new crown virus vaccine is mainly manifested as a partial reaction of redness, hard knots, pain, etc. inoculated, fever, fatigue, headache and other systemic reactions, and a slight body reaction, usually no treatment.

From the previous new crown virus vaccine clinical trial study, during the emergency use and the list of large-scale people after listed, the occurrence of common adverse reactions in my country’s new crown virus vaccine is basically similar, and the extensive application is basically similar. Most are general reactions. Abnormal reactions in adverse reactions in new crown virus vaccine, mainly refer to the associated reaction of the organ or functional damage of the seminars, often as acute severe allergic reactions, very small, need to be treated in time. Who will report a neoguan virus vaccine? If the subject suspects that the symptoms of discomfort may be related to the vaccination of new crown virus vaccination, the inoculation unit can also be reported to the county-level disease control institution or drug adverse reactions to the inoculation unit. If the public cannot determine if the symptom is related to vaccination, the vaccination unit can be consulted.

  Inoculation units, medical institutions, disease control institutions, drug adverse reactions monitoring institutions, vaccine production enterprises are responsible reporting units of adverse reactions in new crown virus vaccination.

Responsible reporting medical staff and staff engaged in vaccine adverse reactions were responsible for reporters, after receiving or receiving reports of suspected vaccination abnormal reactions, reporting on monitoring and disposal programs, by monitoring information systems . Editor in charge: Zhang Ling.