Xiao Jiang: IPO Registration Brand is introduced at the end of the year

Original title: Xiao Gang: The draft of the IPO registration is issued by Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

  ■ Noun explanation IPO registration system refers to the publication of all information and information related to the securities issuance, forming a legal document, sends a legal document, and is only responsible for reviewing the information and information provided by the issuer’s applicant. Perform a system of information disclosure obligations.

Compared with the approve system, the issuer is lower, the listing efficiency is higher, and the social resources are less expensive. The capital market can quickly implement resource allocation. Xinjing News (Reporter Jin Wei) On April 10, Xiao Gang, Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said in the Boao Forum for the Boao Registry, the draft IPO registration system was introduced. For the current market on the market on the issuance of the new shares, Xiao Gang said this is because the listed company concentrated on the annual report, waiting until the annual report of the listed company, (new shares) will follow the procedure. Registration system or 2015 Immove November 30, 2013, the China Securities Regulatory Commission released the "China Securities Regulatory Commission on further promoting the reform of new stocks", which is an important step in the transition from the nuclear system to the registration system. In January 2014, "Olympic Conditioning Emergency Stop Incident" occurred during the IPO reboot, and the criticism of the reform of the new shares in the market continued.

On February 18, there was a media report that at a internal communication meeting before the Spring Festival, the SFC high-level explicitly stated that there is no time to launch the launch time of the registration system for the time being.

  At the reporter meeting in the two sessions in 2014, Xiao Gang said that the Task of the Securities and Regulatory Commission 2014 is to study the proposal of the new sharan issued registration system, and the program can be completed this year, but the registration system is officially implemented to be revised by the Securities Law. If the "Securities Law" is completed, then the registration system can be implemented. On March 25th, the "two sessions" on March 25th, Prime Minister Li Keqiang hosted the State Council executive meeting, and deploy six measures, which were actively safe and promoted stock issuance registration system, standardizing development bond market, expanding the opening of capital markets, etc. to promote capital. Market healthy development.

Among them, the registration system is in the "Six Articles", and occupies a larger level.

  Analysts believe that such a large number of capital markets at the State Council is very rare, and after the Chief Economist of the British Securities, Li Dawei, in Weibo, to promote the healthy development of capital markets has risen to the State Council’s executive meeting of the State Council, for the capital The market is a major advantage. "The new shares will be taken according to the procedure yesterday, Xiao Gang responded to the media concerned IPO suspension problem. He said that the issuance of the new shares did not stop, just because the company concentrated the annual report," waiting until the listed company annual report, New shares are issued as follows.

"When IPO is restarted, the industry believes that time is difficult. On April 4, there was a media report that the China Securities Industry Association issued" the first public issued stock offline investor filing management rules "and" " The first public issuance of the stock independent placement rules ", the deadline for the above documents is on April 14, and one of the necessary conditions for the issuance of the new shares is the release of the new shares.

  Industry insiders said that recently, underwriters and inquiry agencies submit more feedback to the association, the association needs to combine feedback to modify the relevant rules, and it is expected that it is expected to be finalized in late April. According to media reports, "Placing Randers" stipulates that leadership cannot with the issuer and its shareholders, lead underwriters and shareholders, supervisors, senior management and other employees such as shareholders, primary underwriters and their controlling shareholders. Placing stocks.

In addition, spouses, children and their spouses, parents, and spouses, brothers and sisters, parents of their spouse brothers, children’s spouses. According to industry insiders, this provision is very difficult to implement. Related Reading:.